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Master classes

Opportunity to participate in advanced master's classes led by esteemed professors and invited guests in Vienna, Austria

Recital opportunity

All participants will have the unique opportunity to perform in the prestigious recital hall hosted by Neue Sterne School of Music

Prominent professors

Distinguished guest professors at our music festival will impart their extensive experience and assist in refining performance skills


Participants will have the chance to tour Vienna's historical landmarks under the expert guidance of the Neue Sterne School of Music


Students who are currently enrolled at INPLAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC will enjoy a notable discount when applying for the music festival


The festival gathers industry professionals, offering participants opportunities for collaboration and relationship-building

Experience the best

Our school is dedicated to delivering an outstanding student experience and leading innovation in the music realm

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Follow the steps below to apply

Check your eligibility

Please review the age requirements, details of the music program, and the application deadline

Submit application

Please complete the application form using the following link. Submissions must be made before January 1st, 2025

Get confirmation

We will review your application for the music festival and notify you of your eligibility within 14 days of submission


The festival will feature 2 master classes conducted by distinguished musicians and one recital where participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent

Additionally, guided excursions will be available for participants to explore Vienna’s cultural highlights

The festival is open to young musicians aged 8 to 20 years old

The deadline for applications is January 1st, 2025

For students enrolled at INPLAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC, the application fee is $160

For students not enrolled at the school, the application fee is $250

Tickets for excursions are not included in the festival package and must be purchased separately by participants

Participants are responsible for arranging and covering costs for their accommodations and airfare to Vienna

Neue Sterne School of Music will offer guidance on the most suitable options for lodging and travel arrangements

Participants should prepare 2 music pieces of their choice for the festival. The overall duration must not exceed 20 minutes

Participants aged 9-10 in the music festival should aim to keep the total performance time within 7-10 minutes

Participants aged 10-13 are advised to limit their performance duration to 10-13 minutes

Participants aged 14-18 should ensure their performance does not exceed 15-17 minutes

Participants aged 20 should adhere to a maximum performance time of 20 minutes

Yes, all participants must be accompanied by an adult family member throughout the festival

Please note, adults accompanying a child enter for free, and individuals aged 18 and over can enter independently without needing an accompanying person

Neue Sterne School of Music is an institution dedicated to nurturing young musical talent through comprehensive education and performance opportunities

Located in Vienna, Austria, it provides a supportive environment for students to develop their musical abilities under the guidance of experienced faculty

For more information, please visit Neue Sterne School of Music’s website:

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