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Aleksei’s story began with an orchestral debut as a piano soloist in his hometown at eight years old. Since then, he has performed across Russia as well as France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the United States.

Holding a Master’s Degree from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory under professor Vladimir Ovchinnikov and an Artist Diploma program at Texas Christian University under Dr. Tamás Ungár, he is now pursuing an Doctor of Musical Arts Degree program at University of North Texas under Dr. Pamela Mia Paul.

As a concert musician, he has performed at the Saint Petersburg House of Music as part of a prestigious concert series offered for audiences all over Russia. He worked with the Texas Christian University Opera Studio on the inaugural production of the opera “Yeltsin in Texas” and with Texas Christian University Symphony Orchestra as a collaborative pianist.

His achievements include awards from numerous international competitions and festivals such as the Skryabin Open Festival and Competition; Igumnova International Festival and Competition of Young Pianists; Concert with Orchestra Open Competition of Young Performers; Sforzando International Youth Classical Music Competition, International Keyboard Odyssiad and River of Talents Musical Project.

In addition, he has played solo in a concert series with a Nizhny Novgorod Symphony Orchestra, Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra, Tambov State Symphony Orchestra, and Lipetsk Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Vyzhanov is the Founder & CEO of INPLAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC™.

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