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Miloš Socanin is a classically trained guitarist with a rich musical heritage. Born and raised in Serbia, he began his guitar journey at the age of 8 and quickly demonstrated exceptional talent. At 16, he was accepted into the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where he earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in classical guitar performance under the guidance of renowned professors.

Subsequently, Miloš earned his second master’s degree in classical guitar performance at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in guitar performance at the University of North Texas under the mentorship of Dr. Bokyung Byun.

Throughout his career, Miloš has performed at numerous guitar recitals across Europe and the United States, showcasing his technical mastery and artistic expression. He has also won numerous competition prizes at guitar festivals, where he has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most esteemed classical guitarists, including Zoran Dukić, Paolo Pegoraro, Costas Cotsiolis, The Assad Brothers, Giampaolo Bandini, and Hubert Käppel.

As a teacher, Miloš is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with students of all levels. He strives to create a strong foundation for his students by integrating classical guitar techniques with both classical and acoustic guitar practices. This approach enables students to develop a solid foundation from which they can build their skills and continue their musical growth.

Mr. Socanin is a guitar teacher with INPLAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC™.

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