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Mr. Jonathan was born into a Canadian family in Costa Rica. After completing the Suzuki piano program at the age of 13, Jonathan was accepted into the ISA (Superior Institute of Arts) in Costa Rica, where he studied with its founder, Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski, a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Russia.

At the age of 17, he applied and was accepted into the Central Music School of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. After graduating from this program in 2011, he entered the piano performance and accompaniment program at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, under the tutelage of People’s Artist of Russia, Arkadi Sevidov.

After completion, he was then accepted into the highest level of piano performance studies, under the wing of world-renowned pianist Eliso Virsaladze. He completed his education with honours in July of 2020. In addition to formal education, he has studied with Dr. Thomas Lymenstull at the Interlochen Arts Camp,  as well as comprehensively studying under Aster Lai in Toronto, Canada, where he currently resides.

Jonathan has won prizes in seven international piano competitions including: Stanislaw Moniuszko International Competition of Slav Music – Vilnius, Lithuania – 2010 Roma 2011 International Piano Competition, Category A – Rome, Italy – 2011 Intermediate Concerto Competition – Michigan, USA – 2009 American Protege Competition of Romantic Music – New York USA – 2010.  Performances include Russia, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Morocco, and France. Graduating from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory with a minor in basso continuo, he was a part of Globus Music, an ensemble of musicians dedicated to the interpretation of baroque music.

Mr. Duarte is a piano teacher with INPLAY SCHOOL OF MUSIC™.

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